A Healthy Shape is possible with Shaklee 180!

Today in America more than 65% of Americans are overweight to obese.   Why?  Perhaps it is because we are surrounded with so many tasty temptations!  Perhaps there really is a challenged called:  “Taste Temptation”  and “The Dreaded Diet Cycle.”   If you really follow most diets promoted in magazines, on TV, or joining a group around the country, too many people lose fat and lose muscle, too.  They also experience lower energy levels.

When the scales show that your ‘weight goal’ has been achieved and you stop watching the calories like you did before, have your found that the weight returns?   Then, you start the next diet and the next, looking for that magic formula.  Well, that is called the ‘Yo-Yo” effect.

Shaklee 180 program is different!   In a clinical study, participants choosing the Shaklee 180 Program lost fat but retained 100% of their muscle mass.  Thus, their energy level remained high.  PHere are just two testimonials among of thousands by people who have chosen to go with Shaklee Corporation, the #1 Natural Nutrition Company in the US since 1956 and is still on the cutting edge of following higher standards than required!

Jane Pederson a Shaklee 180 success says, “I’ve lost hundreds of pounds in the past.  It’s the hundreds plus fifteen that you gain back that’s the problem.  I’m not hungry for house and hours, and then it’s time for another shake.”

Jason Thorne who lost a total of 20 inches and is 44 pounds healthier says, “Choosing Shaklee 180 is a no-brainer.  The (Shaklee) science  has been done, and you know that it’s safe.  I have a daughter I decided I really need to be around for my daughter.  Now I feel like I will be.”

Take a few moments and check out this quick reference tool about Shaklee 180!  It is a great place to visit if you’re serious about enjoying a healthy shape and healthier life.  For those who commit to turning around their lifestyle, SHaklee also offers great incentives, support, recipes, encouragement and even rewards.
People with pre-diabetes or diabetes use the Cinch Inch Loss Plan.


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