Inside and Out We Make Every Day “Earth Day”

Today, in the United States:

  • More than 86 million American suffer from allergies
  • Thousands have reactions to chemicals in cleaners
  • Millions suffer from asthma
  • 2.5 million have multiple chemical sensitivity

For millions of people suffering from any of these complaints, there seems to be a relationship between their immune system and the chemicals used in our homes, places of business and public locations.

CHEMICALS are everywhere!  We should be asking and wondering if cancer is sooooo common and has become a leading cause of death could be related to the dependence of Americans on chemicals in food, clothing and our homes.  Since 1950, over 70,000 chemicals have been invented and released in some manner in the environment where we live. There are over hundreds of toxic chemicals used in personal care products alone.  How many “toxic chemicals” might you be exposing yourself to on a daily basis just from toxic chemicals in your personal care products?  Do you know, or have any idea?

Today, the average home harbors dangerous toxic chemicals from many sources such as toxic household cleaners, toxic personal care products, toxic (invisible) gases from things like new carpeting and furniture, and toxic dust, etc.

We believe EVERYONE should be concerned about environmental chemicals indoors and out.  They affect all of us. We encourage you to ask, “What can I do?”

Since 1960 Shaklee cleaning products have been used successfully in businesses and homes.



Dr. Shaklee was a man with a vision!  He introduced natural nutritional supplement called Vitalized Minerals  (whole food concentrates) to his patients in 1915. In 1943 Dr. Shaklee retired from his clinic work and devoted his time to lecturing on nutrition and speaking about his personal philosophy of ‘Thoughtsmanship’.  He introduced his discovery of what is now known as Basic-H2, an all-purpose concentrated cleaner that cleans just about anything, is safe for the environment and not harmful to humans.   It has been 57 years since Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee founded the company whose mission is still “Creating Healthier Lives™” for those who use its products, and follow its career plan and philosophy.  “All I ever did was listen to Nature and pass the word along,” he said.

You are invited to take a couple of minutes to review Shaklee’s Green products.  Also, take a few moments to view the GetClean™ video presentation that will show you a simple plan for making your home a much safer, much healthier, home for you and your family.

Our Home!  When we were introduced to Shaklee, we chose to purchased Basic-H and a couple spray bottles.  We were told that Basic-H could be used to clean windows, floors, water plants, wash walls and woodwork and more.  Basic-H in the water eliminated grease in the kitchen sink, virtually eliminated bathtub rings, and watered our indoor and outdoor plants.  We were impressed.  Our family was comprised of two adults and two little ones under 5.  By switching to Shaklee GetClean Laundry Concentrate, we spent almost $175 less in washing clothes that first year.  Of course, we’re a ‘Shaklee-ized’ home today!

Make Your Home a Healthier, Safer Home For You and Your Family!