Lifestyle Factors Affect  Everyone’s Health!

The way we live can have a significant effect on our nutrient status.  Age, weight, lifestyle, heredity and other factors determine our “health quotient”.  Do any of the following factors apply to you?   Studies show that persons who are stressed, have food allergies, taking medications, always fighting infections, smoke, over-exercise and eat fast-foods

Facts to consider:

  • One-half of the population is on a diet or getting off a weight loss program.
  • Stress alters the way our body uses food due to increased concentration of “stress hormones.”
  • Eliminating certain foods because of allergies or taste also eliminates vitamins and minerals.
  • Prescribed medications and OTC products like aspirin, laxatives, antacids, etc. profoundly interfere with nutritional absorption.   (Ex: antibiotics decrease folic acid absorption.)
  • Fighting infection is stressful to the body and can leave us weak and lower the immune system.
  • Smoking depletes vitamin C rapidly.  Smoking acts as an internal pollutant much like smog.
  • Exercise is good unless it is not supported with good food and supplement choices.
  • Women have special nutritional needs – such as calcium and vitamin C and more.
  • Teens require extra minerals including calcium, zinc, vitamin C and more.
  • Seniors require extra minerals as well and supplementation nutrients that help with arthritis, taste, and more.
  • Fast food lovers, beware!  There’s a chance you are eating too much salt, sugar and fat and cutting back could lengthen your life.  A Whopper’s 1,000 calories is also loaded with fat, sodium and cholesterol.

So … wise choices create healthier, stronger bodies!  And choices in lifestyle, food and supplements are available!  We found ‘switching brands’ made all a BIG difference in our lifestyle, our food choices and vitamin supplements.