We are blessed to work with an amazing group of people!  We value those who have sponsored as Members “just to use products.” It is amazing the loyalty of our Members – some of whom have been in our organization since we joined in 1977. Shaklee is full of real people, just like you and me, who are creating their best health with Shaklee products and best life with the Shaklee opportunity.

Our Shaklee Leaders are quality, hard working people whose values go hand in hand with Shaklee’s:

Social – regardless of borders. The ‘Shaklee Family’ is often on conference calls, on team projects, traveling together, attending Shaklee Global Conferences, ‘breaking bread together’ over dinner or lunch; and we have a lot of fun.

Smart – and willing to learn. Shaklee’s incredibly high product quality standards, track record over more than 50 years, steady. Shaklee’s consistent growth attracts people who have a mindset that goes with all that focuses on wellness for their own families and for others.

Value-based – never compromising principles. Regardless of the level at which you join Shaklee you’ll quickly find integrity in our products and in the way we conduct business. You’ll never find us compromising our values or principles to make a buck. We believe in people and in honorable business practices and we look for others whose values line-up the same.

In short, every member of our organization contributes to the wellness of our lives. We learn from each other and together we are making a difference in the world. Please get to know our group leaders below and let us know how we can be of assistance