Instead of reaching for that Monster, Rock-Star or RedBull, increase your energy naturally with good B-Complex supplementation.

You might not know that b-complex is essential in your body’s production of DNA and the regeneration of new cells. That means it’s super important in order to achieve and maintain a healthy body. B vitamins such as Folic acid, B6 and B12 all work to promote a healthy cardiovascular system because they help to lower homocysteine* levels in the blood.

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Best Lifestyle  Shaklee B Complex

Eating vitamin B rich foods is certainly a lofty goal, but unfortunately today’s processed food options don’t generally maintain the true B vitamin resources we need. That’s why it’s incredibly important that you supplement your daily diet with a complete and whole B vitamin solution like Shaklee’s B-Complex complete. It contains 8 essential B vitamins that work best when taken together and since taking this vitamin gives you the B your body needs to function, it means you’ll reap the added benefit of natural energy increase.

Also the patented Folic acid coating means the true value of the vitamin will be absorbed in your body at the right time in order for you to receive the greatest benefit from the product. Yes, Shaklee thought of everything!

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