Welcome to our website.  We are R.G. and Anne Boone, Owners of Best Lifestyle – Shaklee Independent Distributors and we are proud to be among the nation’s leaders in Shaklee nutrition, home, weight and beauty product distribution.  We are dedicate to sharing the nutritional benefits of the products as well as the enormous income opportunities and privileges available to anyone interested in pursing a Shaklee Independent Distributorship of their own.

Shaklee has been a leader in nutritional research for over 50 years and is currently ranked the #1 natural nutrition company in America!

We believe better health is possible for everyone and the the Best Lifestyle can be achieved by anyone.  Whether you find yourself interested in exploring the supplements and products, or you find the additional income opportunity enticing, we’d love to share with you why we’ve used the products and how we’ve sustained a great income for more than 30 years.  For your health, your family and your future, it just might be the best contact you ever make.

Real People

We’re the real deal – we use the products we endorse and have enjoyed remarkable blessings because of it.  We’re living proof that the Shaklee opportunity works and is sustainable for a lifetime – after all we’ve been successfully doing business since 1979!

Right Products

Our company combines the “Best of Nature” and the “Best of Science”. In the past decade alone, more than 100 Shaklee research papers have been published in major medical and scientific periodicals, such as the Journal of Clinical Nutrition, The Journal of Applied Science and Journal of the American Medical Association.

Raw Potential

There’s no limit to what you can achieve.  When I started I was a young mom with two children under 5, in horrible health and going nowhere: with Shaklee I’ve traveled the world, enjoyed comforts in life and wouldn’t trade the freedoms I have for anything.

We enjoy life and enjoy living to the fullest.  As Shaklee Independent Distributors for more than 35 years, you might say we live, eat and breath a truly nutritious lifestyle.  Shaklee not only gives us the products we need, and the financial freedom we want, but it gives us the ability to create and pursue the destiny we select at the pace we decide to pursue it.  It truly is the Best Lifestyle we could have ever dreamed.